Hand Wound pickups are currently producing a range of custom made P90 and Humbucker pick ups for purchase.  We have something to suit every taste.

Available Pickups

We currently have a wide range of hand wound P90 and Humbucker pickups for you to choose from.  Please click under the P90 or Humbucker tabs to find out more information on the different types we offer.

Please see the promotional videos below to hear the pickups in action.

HWP Winding Promo 1.mov
handwoundpickups.com G90 VS P90.mov

Demo of the G90 bridge and neck pickups compared to Gibson P90's

G90's VS Sub Zero P90's (1).mp4

Demo of the Sub Zero Paradigm guitar with stock pickups and G90 P90 pickups

Mark Williams plays some Charlie Parker style Blues on some hand wound pickups O90's

Mark Williams plays O90 pickups.mp4